Essentials of Geostatistics

Taught by Dr. Jerry Jensen, this course strives to show the student how statistics can enhance data analysis and characterization procedures. The importance of geology during all phases is emphasized, so that the student understands how and why to include all information, including engineering judgment, during the analysis. Numerous examples and problems cover both routine and special applications.

Topics Covered:

  • How can geology and statistics work together?
  • What is probability?
  • Net pay decisions using probability
  • Expressing what we know with probability
  • Geology and randomness
  • Monte Carlo simulation to evaluate uncertainty
  • Putting error bars on our estimates
  • Estimating reservoir permeability
  • Geology and heterogeneity
  • How many measurements?
  • Getting the best from regression
  • Geology and correlation (introductory level)
  • Modeling reservoir properties with statistics (introductory level)
  • Analysis of student-provided datasets



Event Coordinator:

Candace Massengill
Phone: (832) 833-2569
Fax: (713) 621-9857

Provided with the course: Dr. Jerry Jensen’s best selling book: Statistics for Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists
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