About PetroleumETC

Petroleum ETC is the link between emerging technologies and the industry through vesting in knowledge and professional growth with our Events and training, validating with case studies, field trials and JIP management to marinate you technology,  and ventures with the use of end-users, capital investors and many others seizing market value your technology unlocks.

Originally founded in College Station, Texas, our corporate headquarters moved to Houston, Texas in 2013. We started as an operation with events worldwide on topics ranging from multiphase pumping, multiphase metering, fracturing to reservoir engineering.


Core Values
PetroleumETC’s core values are the foundation on which our corporate culture rests. They solidify who we are and why we are here. While our corporate goals and strategies may evolve, we stand by these values in order to preserve the unique nature of PetroleumETC.

We Believe In:
– Energetic professionalism
– Quality, innovative service
– The advancement of emerging technologies
– Fostering industry interaction worldwide

Our mission defines what we set out to do each day. PetroleumETC’s mission is: “To facilitate the worldwide growth of emerging petroleum technologies with a personal touch.”

Contact Us
by Email: Amanda@FracSchool.com

by Mail:
1707 Post Oak Blvd, PMB 404
Houston, TX 77056

by Phone: 979.777.9300

by Fax: 713.621.9857





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