Frac School Deep Dive – Integrating Frac Design with After-Frac Well Performance

Understanding the Gap between Theory and Reality

Deep-Dive is our new generation of highly interactive and focused courses.  The Frac School Deep-Dive gathers industry thought leaders for in-depth instruction and discussion on the gap between industry models and our current understanding of the fractures created in unconventional wells. This course presents the fundamental principles concerning how hydraulic fracturing treatments are used to stimulate unconventional wells.  It includes discussions on what controls fracture propagation, fracture width and the created fracture network.  Current Frac design models are examined in light of the gap between theory and reality.  After-Frac well performance models are discussed and current theoretical and empirical methods presented.  Frac monitoring methods are used to illustrate the often complex fracture geometry created.  Use of Big Data is gaining momentum in the Frac industry and this course presents case histories to illustrate the uses, pitfalls and limitations and generate discussion from the attendees.

Learning Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Course Length

2 Days

Why Attend?

You will receive state-of-the-art instruction on fracture treatment design, fractured well performance prediction and methods of examine the fracturing network created.  The course will provide a sound approach to fracture treatment design and a thorough analysis of fracture diagnostics and well performance prediction methods. The course provides a forum for discuss of the gap between theory and reality in frac design and well performance.  Closing the gaps is expected to provide improvements in both frac performance and in cost reduction.

Who Should Attend

Completion, production, reservoir and drilling engineers as well as geophysicist, geologist and field operations staff will benefit from this course.  The course provides an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge and is best suited for students who have a basic level of knowledge or experience in designing, pumping or evaluating hydraulic fracture treatments.  Due to the strategic nature of the discuss, managers of unconventional developments will also benefit from the course.




Topics Covered:

Topics Include:

  • Prevailing Views on Fracture Geometry in Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Impact of Lithology and Stratigraghy on frac geometry
  • Misconceptions and Myths Regarding Fracturing
  • Frac Design Discussion in Interactive “Bring Your Own Well” Session
  • Big Data Approaches for Frac Developments
  • Fracture Monitoring Techniques and Insights into Fracture Geometry
  • Neural Networks – Friend or Foe
  • Post-fracture Well Analysis and Workflow for Production Data Analysis
  • Equivalent Empirical Decline Model for Reporting Results
  • Panel Discussion on Closing the Gap between Theory and Reality


Dr. Stuart L

Event Coordinator:

Amanda Scott
Phone: (979) 777-9300
Cell: (832)876-2291
Fax: (713) 621-9857

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